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Cracked Seed & Soda, 1987

Everyone upcountry seems to have a Kaupo story. Here's mine...

I got a hole in my gas tank whilst in Kaupo one late afternoon and I stopped at the Kaupo Store to see what could be done. I was surprised to find it open because it had been closed for years. The gas was pouring out of my car's tank although the hole was only about the size of a 22. I figured I'd run out of gas halfway between the last house in Kaupo and the town of Ulupalakua, which is about an hour drive.

So, I tried stuffing the hole with cotton cloth which did nothing, tried a few sticks ~ no good. Bubble gum wouldn't hold. The guy in the store recommended a bar of Ivory soap... "It floats if it gets into the gas."

I worked it into the puka (hole) and it held all the way home.

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