The Curtis Wilson Cost Gallery

Old Hawaii, 2015

I began this painting decades ago after an unforgettable experience in Wailua. I was in the area exploring for subject matter. I was trying to get closer to the waterfall that feeds all of Keanae and came face to face with one of the most tranquil scenes I'd ever encountered in all my years here. It was startlingly complete, compositionally speaking, and begged to be painted. I looked around and noticed we were completely alone. The sound of the water making its way from pond to pond nourishing the taro, the breeze and birds among the trees, the planking that bridged the waterways, all contributed to the inspiration to capture the scene. It became a sketch, which manifested into several paintings, including Poi for Julia. This painting is emblematic of what resides at the core of my Hawaiian muse, the overwhelming beauty of the timeless peace of Old Hawaii.

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