In the beginning…

This is how it usually begins. I get an inspiration, which leads to a sketch and then to a canvas. In this case, I was on my bike riding slowly up Polipoli road glancing out at the wide pastures rolling off to the ocean below me. A cluster of clouds had opened up a beautiful pattern of shadows and light on the ocean surrounding the island of Kahoolawe way off in the distance. I stopped my bike and pulled off to stare. The ocean glistened as the light reached all the way across the hills in my direction. These are always nonverbal moments, but they scream at me nonetheless. “Paint me,” it insists. “Remember this moment, because it won’t last.” It never lasts. It vanishes within seconds, but the memory is burned into emotional memory, and translated into graphite. In this case, the pencil became a watercolor impression, and before Christmas this year, it will be an oil painting.

I’ll be posting updates along the way.