About me



I’m Curtis Wilson Cost. I paint. I do oils, acrylics. watercolor, etc. I live on Maui in the cooler upcountry region along the western slope of Maui’s Mt. Haleakala. We’re about 3300 feet above sea level in the area generally known as Kula, and specifically Keokea. My studio overlooks the isthmus of the island with the West Maui Mountains floating off in front of us like Atlantis. I’ve been painting canvases of the island since moving here in 1973 from Honolulu. My wife and I opened a gallery in 1984 at the Kula Lodge located about 10 minutes from here on the way to Haleakala Crater. Jill runs the gallery and I create the artwork. It holds the distinction of being the longest running one-man gallery in the State of Hawaii. We have two full grown children in the arts named Julia Allison Cost and Elliott Wilson Cost. We used to have a friendly black long haired dog named Wilson, a mix of black lab and golden retriever, but he’s moved on. Now we just have two rabbits. The latter help to compost our garden.

A few years ago, my wife and I cleared and planted over 500 native Hawaiian plants on our property. They attract native birds and insects. Many of the trees are Hawaiian koa, a wood we use to frame my artwork. (See aerial photo below)

My work is about place and timelessness. I’m doing my best to punctuate those elements in my paintings and I find them in abundance here in this region of Maui.




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