Springtime Grazing Collectible Miniature

I painted this piece in 1984, the year we opened the Kula Gallery. It was chosen for the gallery's 25th anniversary in 2009. It seemed fitting to choose an emblematic piece. Pastures like this run all though the upcountry region. Every spring you'll find lavender trees complimenting the lush greens on almost every hillside. Several elements in this painting added another dimension to the natural born peace of the area and were the impetus behind the painting; grazing sheep and the subtle hint of water. At a glance, it epitomizes why we live here.

Available Formats

Miniature prints are very affordable. They are available in three formats:

  1. Framed behind glass in beautiful Koa wood and hand-signed by Curtis
  2. Unframed but matted and hand-signed by Curtis
  3. Or simply matted and unsigned

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Springtime Grazing Collectible Miniature Print by Curtis Wilson Cost Framed in Koa Wood
Curtis Wilson Cost - Springtime Grazing - Collectible Miniature Print Framed in Koa Wood
Springtime Grazing by Curtis Wilson Cost
Curtis Wilson Cost - Springtime Grazing - 1984