A Quiet Moment Collectible Miniature

I love the title because it conveys exactly what I'm after when I'm out looking for something to paint.

Stepping into a bigger perspective just long enough to get a sense of contrast is what I seek out for my subject matter. Most of us have had a moment, usually in our youth, while looking up at the sky. For a brief glimpse, the enormity of the universe, the vastness of time, and the relative insignificance of our personal lives comes into view. In varying degrees, each of my paintings is an attempt to capture some semblance of that perspective.

This piece is about the unique point of view found Upcountry. The principal element found there is the most intangible: the silence.

Curtis Wilson Cost

Available Formats

Miniature prints are very affordable. They are available in three formats:

  1. Framed behind glass in beautiful Koa wood and hand-signed by Curtis
  2. Unframed but matted and hand-signed by Curtis
  3. Or simply matted and unsigned

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A Quiet Moment Collectible Miniature Print by Curtis Wilson Cost Framed in Koa Wood
Curtis Wilson Cost - A Quiet Moment - Collectible Miniature Print Framed in Koa Wood
A Quiet Moment by Curtis Wilson Cost
Curtis Wilson Cost - A Quiet Moment - 2002