Kula Kupe'e Collectible Miniature

The road through Kula has a wealth of scenic beauty almost any time of year, but springtime is particularly inspiring. The orange blossoms of silky oaks play among the lavender jacarandas along Haleakala's winding ascent. Some of the bends in the road reveal breathtaking groupings of flowering trees. It's as if the mountain has put on its finest jewelry. The Hawaiian translation of kupe'e is bracelet or anklet, which seemed fitting for this cluster of trees at the foot of the mountain.

Available Formats

Miniature prints are very affordable. They are available in three formats:

  1. Framed behind glass in beautiful Koa wood and hand-signed by Curtis
  2. Unframed but matted and hand-signed by Curtis
  3. Or simply matted and unsigned

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Kula Kupe'e Collectible Miniature Print by Curtis Wilson Cost Framed in Koa Wood
Curtis Wilson Cost - Kula Kupe'e - Collectible Miniature Print Framed in Koa Wood
Kula Kupe'e by Curtis Wilson Cost
Curtis Wilson Cost - Kula Kupe'e - 2011