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Eha Niu O' Makena, 2004

Makena is where dark lava meets the dancing turquoise ocean, inviting exploration. Every meter of Makena coast is precious but when shade appears and there is a grassy place to sit and ponder, it is especially inviting. I've had the great pleasure of being commissioned to paint the view of the water from Hale o Makena, a stretch of Makena coastline framed by Kiawe trees and lava formations. The theme in my work is Hawaiiana. I eliminate modernity and paint what is there underneath it. I try to capture what is timeless and leave the nonessential.

A cinnamon plumeria gave me a corner to anchor my center of interest. The grassy shade gave me the place to rest. Everything else is there to frame the center of interest and contributes a line and a shape to keep the eye and spirit of the viewer as long as possible. It works for me. I loved doing this painting and I love the place it represents.

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